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What is Invoice Fraud and how to Prevent it
Helping Accounts Payable and Purchasing work together. Whenever there’s an opportunity to exploit a company for money, someone is willing to take advantage of it. That much is pretty clear …
Join me for 30 minute Webinar: “3 Signs that you need a Purchasing System”
Reminder for Tomorrow! Join me for my 30 minute webinar "3 Signs that You need a Purchasing System" with @Procurify 's @BritWhitmore August 27. Click the link to register http://bit.ly/1h1uizJ
Sharing: How to Create a Formal Purchasing Program
In it's article "How to Create a Formal Purchasing Program" - Entrepreneur.com has created the most concise explanation to show why having a purchasing system in place adds value and control. Make sure you're …
Sharing: 7 Reasons Purchase Orders are Important
Companies often ask, "Why do I need a Purchasing system?" in her recent blog post  JEANNETTE MONTORY gave 7 great reasons. Read it here "Businesses are often satisfied with verbal commitments or email threads …


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