This is my honour to recommend Christine. Her brains works at lightning speed and is always several steps ahead when working out strategies and planning. She is well versed and knowledgeable; staying current on IT techniques utilizing all the tools at her disposal with grace and efficiency. She always follows through in what she commits to. An excellent motivator; able to positively critique and encourage seamlessly. She is emphatic, trustworthy & loyal.
Tracy Holden
Social Media, Director,Sales and Marketing Consultant
Christine has a knack for understanding the situation and managing to a positive outcome. She understands contracts and deliverables and brings a firm, no-nonsense, yet collaborative approach to managing complex contracts. January 10, 2014, Steve managed Christine at BC Hydro
Steve Booth SCMP
Contract Management Team Lead at BC Hydro
Christine is great to work with. Even in a fast pace continually demanding environment Christine brings a positive attitude and solution focused approach to her work. I will certainly miss working with Christine and am confident that she will carry the same presence to her next endeavour. October 18, 2012, Alex was with another company when working with Christine at Zellstoff Celgar Ltd.
Alex Ibbotson
Ensuring my clients receive the best product and service for his or her business needs.
Christine’s cheerful willingness to deliver exemplary supply chain management and purchasing services to our entire mill illustrate the professionalism with which she tackles the multitude of competing demands for her time and attention. Christine is intrinsically motivated to provide innovative leadership in standardizing our buying processes because she is committed to supporting all of her ‘customers’ and reducing costs. A huge challenge! Good work, Christine, keep it up. March 8, 2012, Susan worked with Christine at Zellstoff Celgar Ltd.
Susan Meredith
BAS, MACE, CHRP – HSE Advisor-Administrator at Big Country Energy Services
Christine is a conscientious and detail oriented purchaser who is extremely helpful and dedicated to helping her colleagues and the mill. She is focussed on negotiating lower costs without sacrificing quality. March 5, 2012, Greg worked with Christine at Zellstoff Celgar Ltd.
Greg Domeij
Rotating Equipment Specialist at Cenovus Energy
Christine has shown herself to be a very diligent and conscientious worker. She readily takes inititative, and follows up on committments that have been made. As well, she is very personable, and works well with her colleagues. March 5, 2012, Ralph worked with Christine at Zellstoff Celgar Ltd.
Ralph Lunn
Senior Process engineer at Zellstoff Celgar
My recommendation for Christine is based on connecting with her on both a business and personal level. Christine’s ability to really engage with people is infectious. She does not hesitate to offer assistance to newbies or offer up a new direction for someone who’s business is in flux (which is pretty common these days!) A very valuable resource! January 12, 2010, Anne was with another company when working with Christine at Total Procurement Solutions
Anne Callander
Lifestyle and Health Solutions at Isagenix International
She’s great at…taking the information provided to her and arranging it in a professional manner that reflects exactly what was put on the table
David Harder
Immfusion Consulting Inc. Immigration Consulting 604-628-5578
Her passion for making my company more efficient and productive is very contageous. She gave us a serious roadmap for the next 6 months and beyond! Go to a HOBN and talk with Christine afterwards.
Lorne MacInnes
Ferguson Moving & Storage 604-922-2212 Business Effectiveness and Efficiency Consultant to Ferguson Moving and Storage
Christine has a natural ability to zero into a company’s operational area(s) that need to be unlocked and unleashed. She sizes up workflows and task-oriented processes and recognizes quickly how to fix ones that are not working to their potential. Every company who thinks they have a good or solid operation should let Christine take a closer look. I can virtually guarantee that she will find one or more aspects that will lead to greater productivity/efficiency and/or reduced cost structures. You’ll be glad that you did!
Patrick von Pander
The Big Picture Coach 778-899-3835
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